Christian Businessmen’s Connection of Montgomery County


CBMC LogoThe Christian Businessmen’s Connection of Montgomery County is a workplace ministry network for mutual encouragement, support, and discipleship training based on the Christian Business Mens Connection (CBMC). CBMC was started in Chicago, USA in 1930 during the Great Depression by a group of Christian businessmen who came together and started praying for each other and each others’ businesses. They initially set out to come together for a month. But CBMC’s ministry is still active and expanding all over the world.

Our Montgomery County CBMC team meets weekly to encourage each other spiritually and to practically pursue the disciple-making work of the Great Commission — meeting men where they are and and helping one another to become the men that God intends us to be. We welcome men from different church backgrounds and economic strata who are called to represent Christ and His kingdom in the workplace. God has placed each one of us in the workplace to be “salt and light” and a “city on a hill” to those in our sphere of influence (Matthew 5:13-14), and wants us to partner with Him to build up the “father and son” business we have inherited in Christ (Galatians 4:6-7). His goal is that His kingdom will come, His will be done, on earth (your workplace) as it is in heaven (Matt 6:10). So workplace ministry more than just evangelism, but encompasses our total life at work, including the management of all our activities, relationships and responsibilities for God’s glory.

Our meetings are held on Tuesdays at the Einstein Bagel at 531 Firstfield Road and Quince Orchard Blvd in Gaithersburg from 6:45 to 8:00 AM sharp. If your soul is hungry to find some new friends, to develop a closer walk with Christ, or to build up your personal ministry, you are welcome to join us.

All are welcome! Please contact subscribe to our email list or contact mococbmc(AT) for more information.

What is a CBMC Connect 3 Team?

We are a “CBMC Connect 3” team that whose goals are to connect Marketplace Ambassadors to God, to one another and to the cause of bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ into the work place. Please watch this overview of what a CBMC Connect Team is – and contact me if you want information or training on how to form a Connect 3 team.

CBMC Connect3 from CBMC on Vimeo.

CBMC Vision:  For all Men in our Movement to Experience:
— The Power of One God
— The Value of One Man
— The Leverage of One Team