Work as Worship

Most of us spend over half our lives at work. Whatever it is you fill the 9–5 with—planting crops, building cars, taking care of patients, teaching students, running a business—work is where we spend most of our waking hours. We often forget to connect our faith to our work. We don’t consider the reasons God may have us at our job. We don’t think about the purpose and meaning we could bring to our work. We simply focus on how it makes us feel.

But what if we saw our work as an opportunity to worship? has created a DVD set to help Christians discover their mission is in the marketplace. Around the conference table, around the water cooler, or around the cubicle, you have an opportunity to worship the God who created you. Check out this resource from Work as Worship 2012 with Matt Chandler, JR Vassar, Norm Miller & David Green. Here is a video introduction: