Isolation and it’s cruel deception

CBMC isolationHere is a recent post by Lee Truax, President of the Christian Business Men’s Connection (CBMC). Lee talks about the dangers of isolation in a frank and real way. If you are interested in connecting to men who are pursuing authentic relationships in Montgomery County, please email me at (paul at or look online at for a connection group near your home or workplace.

From: Lee Truax

Subject: Isolation and it’s cruel deception

It’s strange how we think in the midst of isolation.  Our tendency is to think that we are all alone and able to make decisions that somehow only impact and affect ourselves.

The reality is that in every aspect of our lives we operate in relationships…  we are all connected to sphere’s of influence whether we acknowledge it or not.  Every decision impacts our family, friends, neighbors and people we work with.  Of course the deception that flourishes and grows during times of isolation is that our decisions are also isolated and separated from everyone else.  However, that is a blatant lie.

Isolation is the environment that allows the maximum impact for the enemy of our soul and his minions to whisper into our ears that we don’t matter and our decisions are completely about us.

That’s part of the reason isolation is just so dangerous.  We tend to make decisions that have a tremendous ripple effect in our relationships without even a thought to what the impact might be.

In isolation our focus is completely on our selfish wants and desires (Proverbs 18:1).  In isolation we are most likely to slip into self pity.  In isolation we are prone to listen to the loud voices of our lust (I John 2:16) and the world.  In isolation we are least likely to consider the needs of those that we are in relationship with.

This dangerous place and the consequences of the poor decisions made in it are the reason we challenge men to Get Connected!

CBMC provides the accountability and the regular encouragement to men involved in our teams to get (and stay) connected to our Heavenly Father through an intimate relationship with His Son and the Holy Spirit as well as other men of integrity who are trusting God to keep what they’ve committed to Him as well.

The great news is that our Father desires to do just that!  Be in and stay in relationship with us.  He expressed this desire so clearly in sending His Son into His creation to demonstrate His great love for us (Romans 5:8).

Avoiding times of isolation takes a posture of surrender on our part.  Rather than seeking out our own desires, Jesus told us to deny ourselves and take up our cross daily and follow Him (Luke 9:23).  Our initiative to follow Him and to engage in the community that He has placed us in becomes our first step to avoiding the trap of separating ourselves and camping in isolation.

Today – acknowledge your selfish tendency to isolate from others and rage against sound wisdom seeking your own desires.  Repent — denying your selfish focus and take up your cross to follow Him.


CBMC Presents: Andy Kristian Agaba, Hiinga – Microfinance for Small Farmers in East Africa

Christian Business Men’s Connection of Montgomery County

Tuesday, June 4, 2013, 6:45 – 8:00 AM at the Einstein Bagel on Firstfield Road & Quince Orchard Blvd in Gaithersburg. We meet in the Community Room in the back.

Andy Kristian Agaba
Andy Kristian Agaba

Guest Speaker: Andy Kristian Agaba, Founder & President of Hiinga. Andy is a native of Uganda, East Africa. He was raised by a single mother after the murder of his father in cold-blood by gunmen. His mother valued education and hard work. Through operating a small tea cafe in a local town whose combined total assets were approximately $35 in the mid 1990s, they saved every penny so Andy and his siblings could get a good education. These funds were complimented by revenue from a half acre farm in which they raised a few pigs and grew produce for food and for sale.

Hiinga is an African founded Christian micro-finance social enterprise, based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, whose mission is to alleviate poverty, by creating opportunities and equipping farmers and villages with tools and skills for sustainable living.As an organization, Hiinga is actively pursuing to partner more with the church and its constituents, small businesses, the farming and Amish community and individuals who have a passion to support this kind of grassroots poverty eradication movement. Today, they are working initially with farmers in Central Uganda, with the plan of launching in other districts and other regions of East Africa within the next few months.

Andy has two graduate degrees; in Psychology and in Social sciences. He is an award winning photographer and a communications specialist who has consulted for international development agencies including USAID, DANIDA, UNDP, International Alert, etc. He lives in the city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania with his wife Sonya and their son CJ.

Please plan to join us to hear Andy’s story and be inspired to follow his example of service to the poor through business.