CBMC Presents: Peter Mukudzavhu, founder of Progressive Peppers

Peter Mukudzavhu

Peter Mukudzavhu, President & Founder of Progressive Peppers, will be a guest speaker on Tuesday, July 8, in the Community Room at the Einstein Bagel on Firstfield Road & Quince Orchard Blvd in Gaithersburg. Our meeting time starts at 7:00 AM sharp, but we request that you arrive by 6:45 AM to get your bagel & coffee and spend time getting to know each other.

Peter Mukudzavhu, is an experienced agronomist with more than 20 years of active service in the Agro Industry. He graduated with an agronomy degree from the University of Zimbabwe in 1987 and worked as an agronomist for ZFC Limited (the biggest fertilizer and chemical company in Zimbabwe). He left Zimbabwe in 2004 to settle in the United States where he worked for John Deere. He left John Deere and started his own business focusing on improving lifestyles of small holder farmers in Africa by growing export crops. The vision of the Progressive Peppers Project is to create new opportunities for rural farmers by introducing new crops and developing export markets for those crops. Their goal is to become, in partnership with small rural farmers in Southern Africa, one of the major exporters of selected top-quality dried chilies to food manufacturers in the United States.

Peter is also the leader of the CBMC team in Hagerstown MD, and will be an exhibitor at the CBMC World Convention in Orlando (Sept. 24-28) to share this vision and new thinking. In an email, Peter explained how he sees this project making disciples through business:

“I truly believe that business can create a unique platform for making disciples. We will create a huge network of farmers, business people, professionals, and government officials in 5 African countries. Corruption is rampant in Africa because business people are participants and enablers. I hope that bringing Christian principles of fairness, integrity, honesty, trust will change people’s minds. We will demonstrate that God will bless businesses that are built on and that follow Christian principles. Africa receives $50 billion a year in aid. It’s sad that there is nothing to show for it. This has to change. There is nothing wrong in making sustainable investments with your Bible strapped to your back. Sooner or later people will notice the Bible. “

I think Peter will inspire you with his vision to develop business “with a Bible strapped to your back”! Please invite others to join us this week!

Progressive Peppers