Your Church is Only As Good As Its Disciples (Jon Tyson)

Your church is only as good as it’s disciples. If that is true, then what is the most effective method for discipleship in the world right now and what can we learn from it? Jon Tyson explains in this short video.

Disciple-making is not just a curriculum or program that teaches information, but it is receiving intimate counsel from someone who is mature in Christ. Making requires “life on life” relationships that help provide support, encouragement and accountability. Churches that thrive in making disciples have a culture that encourages individual members to be involved in life on life relationships.

CBMC MA LogoThe Christian Business Men’s Connection ( has tools and training to help with this. For an overview, see CBMC’s “Marketplace Ambassador Initiative” at: This initiative focuses on encouraging men to commit to becoming disciple-makers in their workplace or sphere of influence.

CBMC’s Operation Timothy provides a framework for life-on-life discipleship. Operation Timothy and is based on the Apostle Paul’s relationship with Timothy (1 & 2 Timothy). It’s highly relational and involves tremendous personal growth for you (Timothy) and your instructor (Paul). Recently, CBMC has launched an electronic version “eOT” that is available free at along with other tools.